Tips to Prepare For Home Roof Replacement

There are a few things you should do before getting a new roof installed on your home. First, let your neighbors know that you will be in the neighborhood. While this isn’t necessary, you should make them aware of the project so they can plan accordingly. Keep in mind that some roofers use scaffolding to work and may be very noisy. In addition, be sure to remove any valuables from the walls before the replacement begins. And if you have pets, put them in the quietest room in the house so they won’t be bothered by the noise of the construction. Here are eight basic steps you should take:

Cover all household items. If you are planning on having the roof replaced, remove everything that is on the upper level of your home, including children and pets. The process of repairing the roof will cause a lot of noise, so it’s best to leave pets and children inside. Remember that roofing nails are hazardous, and stepping on one could cause a flat tire or serious injury. So, you may want to send your pet to a friend’s house if you don’t want to disturb their family.

Power outlets are a must. Having one outside your home will provide the roofers with a place to work. If there are no available outlets on the exterior of your home, consider using the garage. If this isn’t an option, run extension cords through doors and windows. But be sure to put them away safely. The wind and debris from the roof will knock them over and scratch your windows and glass.

Keep children and pets indoors during the roof replacement process. Workers will be moving heavy equipment around the home, so they won’t be able to keep your pets safe. Be sure to tell children that they should stay inside. The construction can be loud and can endanger their lives. If you can’t leave your kids alone, try to send them to a friend’s home instead. Cats tend to find the best hiding spots, so you can get a dog or cat for the day.

Remove all personal items from the upper level. Even if you have an on-site storage unit, it might be best to leave these things there. The construction process will be noisy. If you have pets, keep them indoors. Keeping pets outside is not advisable because they will obstruct the work and possibly get injured. If you have a dog or cat, send them to a friend’s house.

If you can’t leave the house, schedule your roof replacement at a time when you won’t be home. It will be loud until it’s complete. If you have a pet, keep it indoors. It will distract the workers. Likewise, if you have pets, keep them indoors. During the roof replacement, they’ll need enough space to set up their equipment. If you can’t leave pets outside, you can send them to a friend’s house. Most contractors will not do this. Besides, cats seem to find the best hiding places!